About myTenancy Toolbox?

myTenancy Toolbox is designed to make the lifecycle of renting a property as smooth and issue free as possible, however in the event that issues do arise myTenancy Toolbox will be ready to help.

myTenancy Toolbox

myTenancy Toolbox is a tracking system and document repository for everything related to renting a property, It is a system created by the Tenant.
myTenancy Toolbox allows the tenant to store documents and raise issues related to the property. myTenancy Toolbox is time aware in that it establishing important timeframes based on the tenancy act for responses by either party, alerts will be sent to parties prior to the deadlines.
Where a reported issue has not been closed, myTenancy Toolbox can prepare the appropriate evidence that will be required for any dispute hearing.

Some of the design requirements for myTenancy Toolbox are:

  • Ease of use - myTenancy Toolbox must be easy for the tenant to log various events as they happen.
  • Safe and secure - myTenancy Toolbox stores your information off-site, that is the data is not dependant on your computer and is available when required 24 x 7.
  • Your data is available to you as the registered tenant and the nominated landlord or agent. Information is not publically available.
  • Events raised via myTenancy Toolbox will be emailed to you and the other party (landlord or tenant)
  • Events that are time sensitive (as per the Tenancy Act) will have automatic alerts to both parties prior to expiry. The aim is to resolve issues prior to escalation.