myTenancy Toolbox

myTenancy Toolbox comprises of a range of technologies designed for Tenants renting properties to record every aspect of their tenancy, including incoming and outgoing property reports, periodic inspections, issues management for the duration of their tenancy. Services will be delivered to subscribers via Smartphones, Desktops, Tablets and via Web Applications.


We have gained significant interest from various people in our immediate community for the need of this initiative which has inspired us to develop this project to help fill a gap that currently exists.
This project is self-funded however on the 7th July 2015 this project was an accepted project of Microsoft BizSpark.

A member of BizSpark Startups

Traada Information Services

Traada Information Services was formed as a new start-up business on the 1st July 2015 in the Northern Territory, Australia. The new company will deliver many exciting projects and services using the very latest technology offerings from Microsoft. And as always we are part of the community and design for the community.

Many of our deliverables will be based on universal apps and multi-platforms.