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myTenancy Toolbox Project.

Welcome to the myTenancy Toolbox Project Home - Australia & New Zealand.

"One of the key aims of myTenancy Toolbox  is to resolve issues before the need to bring matters before a tribunal."


Nearly all Landlords\Agents have systems in place to record details and events about your tenancy, these records become critical at the end of your tenancy and in particular when issues arise, however it is difficult for tenants to collate and record information themselves and there is no mechanism that captures all forms of input. myTenancy aims to put the tenant back in control by managing their tenancy in a repository that can be called upon when required.

It is important to understand that many aspects of a tenancy are time sensitive and the failure to meet  various deadlines can have significant impact for either the Tenant or Landlord. myTenancy Toolboxes' main objective is to try to prevent the need of escalating issues to your local tenancy tribunal in the first place.

What we can advise is that the Tenancy Act and the Tribunal will not always fall on the side of the innocent party, in particular the Tenant, MyTenancy Toolbox is designed to give you the tools to best protect yourself when you least expect it.


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For Tenants

If you are a Tenant renting a property from a Landlord or Agent then you can subscribe to myTenancy Tenancy Toolbox to start recording all aspects of your tenancy, this includes secure upload of your tenancy agreement, incoming property report, and start tracking periodic inspections, events and issues and communication events about your tenancy. Reporting on your tenancy is easy with myTenancy and reports can be specific to an issue or event or chronological summary\detail for tribunal hearings.

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For Landlords\Agents

If you are a Landlord or Property Agent, the Tenant will give you access to myTenancy, this access is to ensure complete transparency about everything related to the Tenancy. When the Tenant raises any issue, you will be able to respond via myTenancy Toolbox.
As a Landlord or Property Agent it is preferred but not mandatory for you to use myTenancy Toolbox, However it is of benefit to all parties that all matters related to the Tenants property are recorded in this system, if you do not wish to participate then the Tenant will record any correspondence or events that are received by them. The main purpose of myTenancy Toolbox is to ensure accuracy and transparency of the relationship between all parties.

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Getting Started

myTenancy is a startup which is now in development (1st July 2015).

If you are a Tenant, Landlord or Property Agent and would like to discuss, provide feedback or register your interest in this project then please contact us

A member of BizSpark Startups

Traada Information Services is extremely grateful that this project was selected as part of Microsoft BizSpark.